La Masia de Can Puig,
A sustainable, green project in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park

We invite the people who come to our restaurant in the centre of Barcelona to take a trip into local tradition and the countryside, from where the best of our farm produce is brought to El Cafè’s tables every day.

Our cooking comes from the land, using natural fertilizers, and we select and revive old varieties of vegetables, such as the Mandó tomato from Collserola, so that you can rediscover their lost flavours. Special attention is paid to recipes prepared with Blanca de Rasquera goat or kid goat, or Xisqueta lamb, forgotten meats whose many nutritious qualities make for succulent dishes.

We want our guests to understand there is a project behind the cured goat sausages and the kid goat hamburgers, a project that promotes biodiversity, contributes to environmental conservation and helps prevent fires thanks to organic farming and natural grazing.

Located in the Serra de Collserola hills, La Masia de Can Puig is an agricultural and livestock farm with a balanced production system based on the sustainable exploitation of the natural resources of the environment. It aims to cultivate the land and raise animals while respecting the environment, in order to produce healthy, natural, local foods. In collaboration with the Serra de Collserola Natural Park and the Diputació de Barcelona we work for the recovery of forgotten plant species in order to improve the local food and plant heritage.
We distribute our produce through La Casa de les Lletres and the shop El Rebost de la Masia de Can Puig.