El Cafè de La Casa de les Lletres is not just any restaurant.

The restaurant at La Casa de les Lletres, located in the heart of Barcelona where the Gothic quarter meets the sea, is more than just another eatery in the city.
Our offer of Mediterranean cuisine is locally sourced, ecological, very carefully prepared and even surprising. It is based around seasonal produce, cultivated or raised at the Masia de Can Puig farm in Papiol, on the boundary of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park.

Freshly harvested vegetables are delivered direct to the restaurant every day, without intermediaries, the same as the goat and lamb meats that we raise on our farm. On top of providing exceptional dishes, the Blanca de Rasquera goat and kid goat and the Xisqueta lamb, native Catalan species that the CRU Group introduced into Collserola 10 years ago, play a very important role in the maintenance of the Park by clearing the undergrowth, an essential part of fire prevention.

The specialties made with these extraordinary meats and the forgotten vegetables that we are helping to revive, such as the ”Mandó tomato”, are unique to La Casa de les Lletres giving it an air of exclusivity difficult to find anywhere else in Barcelona. Original, carefully presented dishes, which together with our attentive and professional service make dining an unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can enjoy these specialties at El Cafè, located inside a building dating from the 18th century, and also outdoors, at La Terrassa, opposite the Port Vell old port.

El Cafè de la Casa de les Lletres is an ideal venue: a restaurant located in a building dating from the end of the 18th century, with a relaxed atmosphere imbued in literature, where you can enjoy all our specialties.

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If you prefer to eat in the open air, in a Mediterranean atmosphere with views of the old port, next to the Post Office’s headquarters at the heart of the oldest part of the city, then La Terrassa is the place for you.

Take-away service

Would you like to take our dishes or the produce from the Masia home or to work? Just phone or send us a WhatsApp.

We also do home deliveries of our dishes and tapas.

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From the farm to the table, wherever you like

La Casa de les Lltres and La Masia de Can Puig use local, ecological, sustainable, quality produce to prepare the tapas and dishes you can savour at El Cafè and La Terrassa, in Barcelona.

You can also order and take them away or, if you prefer, we can deliver them to your home.